Strong competition at our annual shuffleboard tournament

Runner-up receives early bid for teammate position at next year's event.

On February 28th, around 35 hopeful contestants had their eyes on the prize as Youngship Bergen hosted the annual ShipShuffle tournament, where all members were invited to claim the title of 2019 shuffleboard champions.

Amidst lively conversation, and refreshments in hand, the attending YoungShippers gave solid performances at the shuffleboard. 

As the evening progressed, it became clear that the battle for the title would be a close race, but eventually, ShuffleManiacs (a team committed to diligent training sessions between games) could lift the trophy and be announced as the ShuffleKings of 2019.

Together with her two teammates on the runner-up team, YSB board member Anna Loiko came in at a close second, making some progress from her third place at last year's tournament. Loiko is expected to be a formidable challenger to the title at ShipShuffle 2020, and has already received bids for the teammate position.

Many thanks to all attendees for a memorable evening, and best of luck at next year's tournament.