Short Sea Seminar & Ankerdram

We welcomed our members to an evening of short sea shipping with MD Ole Sævild of Sea-Cargo Group and Vegar Sætre from K.Sætre & Sønner.

YoungShip Bergen invited their members to an afternoon of Short Sea Shipping on the 29th September 2016.

This afternoon we merged the best of two worlds, food for thought with food for hard working YoungShippers!

We gathered two speakers from the Short Sea industry who shed light on the challenges and opportunities for this segment. They also spoke on the hot topic of how they work to move more goods from land to sea – with political incentives in place, where are the actual measures taken place?

The speakers were:
Ole Sævild, Managing Director for Sea-Cargo Group
Sævild has run Sea-Cargo since its start in 2001 and it’s a shipping company with a modern fleet of multipurpose RORO ships.

Vegar Sætre, Superintendent of technical and marine operations at K.Sætre & Sønner
Sætre will give a presentation of Kystrederiene, which recently changed their name to better highlight all the different segments it covers.

A big thank you to our speakers for the interesting and informative seminar on short-sea shipping. This evening they highlighted the political, environmental and financial challenges concerning the short-sea segment and provided us with insight on their day-to-day activities! Much appreciated you both took the time to speak and mingle with us Youngsters.