Plug-in for the Shipping Future

A sucessful seminar hosted in sunny Bergen!

Nils Aadland started the event by speaking about the importance of predictability and political influence. Sondre Henningsgård impressed us with his educational introduction to battery technology, followed by an interesting update from Fjord 1, by Odd Helge Hatlem, explaining their achievements and challenges with regards to electrical ferries.

Furthermore, Jan Lodden presented Eidesvik Offshore’s view on battery- and LNG technology, and presented their savings so far. Lodden had a clear message to the politicians:  “Norwegian shipowners are welcoming stricter emission regulations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf”. Liv Kari Eskeland replied to Lodden in her presentation, and promised that the government will continue to work for strict environmental regulations, both for cargo transport and tourism at sea.

Even Husby completed the seminar with an exciting presentation from Bergen Havn, focusing on their efforts with shore power and clean-up of the inner harbour areas in Bergen.

On behalf of the board of YoungShip Bergen, we would like to give a warm thanks to all the speakers and members of YoungShip Bergen and Bergens Rederiforening for your participation!