Joint trip to Voss with YoungFinance

On February 14th to 16th, YoungShip and YoungFinance joined efforts and went to Voss for a weekend of good company and winter sports.

In the afternoon on February 14th, after approximately one hour of travel, YoungShip and YoungFinance members arrived at Voss for Winter Games, a joint event between the two organisations to promote our good relations and enhance further cooperations between people in the two sectors.

The Friday consisted of a hearty meal (burgers), mingling and a quiz, before the participants hit the slopes Saturday morning, enjoying great skiing conditions.

As the Winter Games name suggested, YoungShip and YoungFinance had arranged for a competition to find out which of the organisations are better at winter sports, the (unsurprising) result of which was that YoungShip brought home the victory.

Following the games, honour and glory, the participants got together for afterski, fine dining at the hotel and a great time in the piano bar. 

The people taking part found that the event might very well be a new tradition, and we thank all members who joined us for the memorable event.