General Meeting, Special Evening

On February 1st, YoungShip Bergen gathered for their Annual General Meeting to review the Annual Report for 2018 and to elect a new board.

Four positions on the board were up for election, and the board for 2019 is composed as follows:

Chair: Elisabeth Drægebø, Odfjell Drilling – 2 years*
Deputy chair: Anne Celine Troye, Wikborg Rein – 2 years*

Board member(Finance): Marte Collins, DOF – 2 years

Board member(Sponsors): Rikke Simonsen, European Cruise Services – 2 years*

Board member(Program 1): Anna Loiko, Norwegian Hull Club - 2 years

Board member (Program 2): Kristian Severin Johannessen, Norled AS – 2 years*

Board member(Members): Christian Waarhus, Haakonsvern – 2 years*

Board member(Communication): Andreas Slettevold, Wikborg Rein – 2 years

Deputy board member: Lars Jacob Sjaastad, PwC – 1 year

After the General Meeting followed a banquet at Hotel Norge, celebrating the 15 years that have passed since YoungShip was founded in Bergen in 2004. 

In an entertaining speech, founder Georg Nygaard looked back at YoungShip's origin story, taking long-time members down memory lane, whereas newcomers learned a thing or two about how the organisation came to be.

Following the meal, the toasts and a surprisingly well-informed examination of the new board members' social media presence, Youngship Bergen set course for the dancefloor.

The Board thanks all participants for making the evening memorable, and look forward to seeing all of you at our events for 2019!