Courtroom Drama

After a crash course in dispute resolution from lawyers of Wikborg Rein, YoungShip members took the roles of lawyers at our Mock Trial event.

A mock trial, a ficticious court case, is a common way for i.e. law students to compete or train for actual dispute resolution in court. 

On April 10th, Youngship Bergen and Wikborg Rein invited members to test their skills as lawyers in a mock trial with a maritime theme. 
First, lawyers Tor Henning Rustan Knudsen and Stian Holm Johannessen gave an introduction to how legal disputes are solved in practice, and how court proceedings actually take place.

After learning the basics, the attending YoungShippers were challenged to put on black robes and test their newly acquired skills. The attendees were presented with a fictional shipbuilding dispute, and were assigned roles such as judges, witnesses, parties and lawyers. Once roles had been assigned, the participants quickly became comfortable with their assignments, and before long entered into intense cross-examination of witnesses and interesting legal reasoning.

A panel of four judges, including Knudsen and Johannessen, heard the lawyers' closing arguments before making their verdict. Before passing their judgments, the judges admitted that they were thoroughly impressed with the participants' talent.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did!