AGM 2018 successfully completed!

BIG THANK YOU to all our members who joined us, thank you to the excellent speakers it was a great night!

Yet another successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) completed!

The evening began with a presentation of the Annul Report and a short sum-up of the year 2017. We said good-by to our Chairperson Dyveke Meland and some other board members who all did an excellent job contributing with ideas and building YSB to what it is today. We will miss you all but we will definitely meet again! We then welcomed and approved our New Chairperson and some new board members. CONGRATULATIONS to all! :) Below please see the overview: 

Chairperson:                                       Elisabeth Drægebø, Norwegian Hull Club – 2 years
Deputy chairperson:                            Anne Celine Troye, Wikborg Rein – 2 years

Board member(Finance): Erik Kristian Frimanslund, Statoil – 2 years*

Board member(Sponsors): Rikke Simonsen, European Cruise Services – 2 years

Board member(Program 1): Ingrid Leikvoll Enge, Alex. Birger Grieg - 2 years*

Board member (Program 2): Kristian Severin Johannessen, Norled AS – 2 years

Board member(Members): Christian Waarhus, Haakonsvern – 2 years

Board member(Communication): Laura A. Borz, Norwegian Hull Club – 2 years*

Deputy board member: Christofer Aastveit, Wilson Eurocarriers AS – 1 year

The three-course was served at Hotel Admiral with a great view over Bryggen Bergen and we were entertained by funny and excellent speakers to whom we are extremely thankful! The evening continued with dancing and great fun!