– Norwegian companies well positioned for increasing environmental focus

At our annual Market Update event, Menon Economics gave YoungShip Bergen members an outlook over the maritime sector in the time to come.

On January 21st, senior economist Anders Helseth from Menon Economics presented their prospects on the maritime economy in the time to come. After the attendees had been welcomed with coffee and snacks, Helseth gave the 50 attendees a concise and insightful lecture on current market trends. 

Among other things, Helseth asserted that environmental aspects have emerged as a new quality dimension for various products, and that new regulation and customer demands might result in the shipowners with "greener" ships being awarded the contracts, but also that this might result in ships needing more frequent renovation than before. In general, Helseth found green maritime industry to grow rapidly, a development for which Norwegian companies are well-positioned.

Thank you to Helseth for an interesting presentation, and to all attendees for a memorable evening.