Visit to Bergen Maritime Museum

Followed by Ankerdram @ Nedre Nygaard




Bergen Maritime Museum



Join us for a unique travel through the history of shipping @ Bergen Maritime Museum, followed by Ankerdram!

Museum Director, Mr. Per Kristian Sebak, will guide us through the history of seafaring, its development and importance to Bergen and Norway.

The tour will end with a dive into the world of conspiracy theories of RMS Titanic.

Did RMS Titanic sink on that fateful day? Was there a fire? Why was the ship speeding?

Mr Sebak will tell us the stories, conspiracy theories and… will he reveal the truth?

No sign up needed for this event, just bring your enthusiasm and join us!

There will be some light serving of coffee and sweets at the museum, followed by 

Ankerdram @ “NEDRE NYGAARD” 20:00 for all members!