2022 New Year webinar

Firstly: HAPPY NEWYEAR! Secondly: announcing our first event of 2022

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27 th January 2022



Place to be

Your coach at home

We would like to celebrate the new year with you in your own home! Don't be alarmed, we won't come barging in. We will however provide you with a surprise and an interesting speaker by means of a webinar. 

Roel Van de Water from Navitec
Not only your car, but seagoing vessels have breakdowns to. Wear and tear does not only affect machinery on land… 
But you don’t call VAB Roadside Assistance when the anchor winch stops working… 
Do you call Touring Road Assistance after you crashed into the lock?
Do you call Carglass if someone drops a 'pebble' on your deck?
Of course not!

A company ready day and night to repair seagoing vessels is a company like Navitec Marine Services.
Find out what challenges they face, day and night, in wind and weather, on 27th January 2022.